Effects of a lack of sleep and our best tips for sleeping well

Sleep is the indispensable rest so all of us absolutely need to lead a healthy and happy life. Yet we tend to think of sleep as a waste of time, without being aware of the real impact it has on our lives, our health and our bodies.

Thus, the disturbances of sleep are usual, too usual since we know that 47% of the French suffer.

Did you know that 10% of the French take sleeping pills and that the high health authority says one in two would not need it?

And be aware that you can solve your problem differently and more effectively by treating the problem at the source so that it is no longer necessary to use treatments to be able to sleep.

Some suffer from sleep disturbances when they travel because of time shifts when for others this phenomenon is a real problem of everyday life.

The effects of lack of sleep: Watch out for danger!

Difficulties in falling asleep and suffering from insomnia you prove that sleep disorders are not to be taken lightly and that a lack of sleep can represent a real dangerpour your body and your mind, here are the risks you You expose if you never do anything to solve your problem.

melatonin and insomnia
melatonin and insomnia

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